French Alps: Le Strato Restaurant

Eighteen Michelin star restaurants within an hour’s drive…if only I had 18 days to try each one.  Alas, I only had one day so off to Le Strato Restaurant.

Valentine’s Day…rose petals and balloons throughout the dining room.

Le Strato Hotel is situated in the resort town of Courchevel 1850.  This small, elegant hotel is not for the budget conscious traveler.  With only 25 rooms, a spa, and a Michelin star restaurant, they pride themselves in offering a hotel experience that feels like a private residence.  This was apparent in the dining room where service was friendly, less formal than one might think, yet still exceptional.  Most of the diners were obviously staying at the hotel and staff knew them by name yet the quality of service I, as an outsider, received was just as impressive and attentive.   But we are here to talk about the food….

‘Little Bites’ of tempura green beans and…well, I am not sure what the other bites were…


Tuna….clean, simple, of such high quality it stood on its own.


Sea Scallops with Crystal caviar, cress, citron, and gold flakes. I loved this dish, and I  normally do not like scallops.


Saint Andre’ sweet onion with Jerusalem artichoke and black truffles. The depth of the onion juice made me want to lick the plate clean.
Beautiful presentation of the roasted pumpkin served table side.
Arctic char with red onion, roasted pumpkin, and bone jus. Arctic char is usually a soft fish; in combination with the pumpkin it left too soft of a ‘mouth feel’. I also felt that the strong onion flavor masked the delicate fish.


Black Angus with black truffle & veal jus with milk jam accompanied with parsnips.  Perfectly cooked beef with a sauce that again, made me want to lick my plate.


Cheeses by Bernard MURE RAVAUD.  Delicious, but I was surprised that they did not serve the cheeses with fruit or nuts.


Palate Cleanser….lemony cloud of goodness


Mont-Blanc dessert (chestnut cream inside milk chocolate crust), not really what I expected in a Mont Blanc.


Little dessert bites…







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