Loreto, Mexico

It was a cold, dark winter’s day. I had no plans for the holidays, 60,000 frequent flyer miles and a week of vacation. With a map of their routes in hand, I called Alaska Airlines and asked them to send me somewhere warm.   They sent me to Loreto, Mexico.

Loredo, Texas?  No, Loreto, Mexico.


Now I have done this before, called the airlines and told them I will take a flight to wherever my miles and schedule allow. I have ended up in some interesting places, but this is the first time I had just booked a ticket to a place I had never heard.  I quickly did an internet search while the customer service rep confirmed my flights.

This sleepy town of 15,000 people is approximately 8 hours north of Cabo San Lucas on the Baja California Peninsula.  Situated on the waters of Bahia de Loreto National Marine Park makes it the perfect location to enjoy an abundance of marine life with a noticeable lack of crowds.


Like most colonial towns, the square is the center of activity, with an assortment of restaurants and shop owners selling Mexican tourist goods that seem more reasonably priced than well-known destinations.  Not once did a hacker or peddler try to sell me something!

The town features the oldest mission built in Baja, dating back to 1697 as well as the historical St Javer Mission (featured in an upcoming blog), a 30-minute ride into the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range. The town’s mission was abandoned in the late 1800’s.  With only the outer walls to work with, the town rebuilt the church, added a bell tower.  I was happy to witness a wedding while visiting.


Accommodations ranged from a deluxe exclusive resort (Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa – 45-minute drive)  to a planned Golf community (Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa – 20-minute drive) to quaint hotels right off the square.  I stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe for $50 a night and walked the 1/2 mile to town each day.  The Hotel Santa Fe is a feeder property to the Villa del Palmer.  You will save money, and you will be asked if you are interested in a timeshare.  Just say no (unless you want the 2 free activities they offer).

Clean, safe, relaxing, and beautiful…I may have found my winter get-away.


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