Dinner At Joel Robuchon

So here it is. My photos of dinner at Joel Robuchon’s restaurant in Las Vegas with a description of each dish. I have also included photos of the wines, though as the night wore on I forgot to take the wine photos. I am sure it had nothing to do with the pours.


One negative note. When I first arrived I was not treated in the same manner as the other tables. I watched them give a detailed explanation about the butter and olive oil to the table next to me. The waiter just set my butter on the table and walked away. As a woman who often dines alone, this is not the first time I have encountered this type of behavior. I could have complained. Instead, I really chatted up all the wait staff, called them by name, was overly friendly. By dessert, they were pouring me extra wine. Sometimes we get further with honey than with vinegar.

Bread cart. Seriously, a whole cart of different types of bread. They could have stopped there.
Caviar served on top of king crab in a gelee dotted with cauliflower puree. This dish was incredibly rich.
To go with the Caviar and 1st course
1st course was three different dishes: Salmon coated with caviar served with wasabi cream, beet and apple with a green mustard sorbet, shaved black truffles and potatoes topped with a carpaccio of foie gras. I absolutely loved the salmon and beet dishes. I felt that the potatoes were very under salted and the foie gras got lost in the truffles.
Paired with the second course
2nd course: soft boiled egg on a spinach puree, truffle tart with an onion confit and smoked bacon. The egg….I can not say enough about the perfectly cooked egg. The truffle tart was delicious but hard to eat.
Paired with the third course.
3rd course: Truffled langoustine ravioli with green cabbage and foie gras foam, light chestnut soup, frog leg fritters. That ravioli!!!!
Paired with 4th course.
4th course (fish): sea bass in five spice with verjus sauce, John Dory with wild mushrooms and pearl onions, Caramelized Black Cod in Malabar pepper. Ok…this course was just off. The sea bass was overcooked, the sauces on the cod and bass were too strong for the fish, and the wine paired with it was too minerally. The John Dory, however, provided the perfect bite.
Main Course: beef chateaubraind and foie gras. There are not enough words to describe the perfection of the meat and the creaminess of the foie gras.
“pre” dessert: coconut flavored merange with pineapple lime compote, popcorn chantilly merange with salted carmel, mango and passion fruit sorbet in merange. I am not a fan of salted carmel so I did not like that one, but the other two! Fantastic! And what a presentation. This course is to clear your palette for dessert.
Dessert Wine
Dessert: hazelnut milk chocolate cream with coffee chantilly and praline ice cream. The prettiest dish I have ever seen. Even the butterflies are edible!
What happens when you are extra nice to staff. I ended up with three different wines at the end of the meal.
Because dessert wasn’t enough, they bring by this cart of sweets and you can choice as much as you want. From white chocolate to dark. I was overwhelmed with the choices!
And when you leave they give you a present to soften the blow of the bill.

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