Oh, the EggSlut!

My mouth was full of his flavors; my tongue coated in salty sweetness.  My head was pounding from too much wine; my stomach heavy from the delectable punishment I had put it through.  Yes, I was officially suffering from a food hangover.

Joel Robuchon had been a wonderful experience but now…now I craved something a little more down to earth and homey.  On a friend’s recommendation, I grabbed a taxi over to the Cosmopolitan and headed deep into the bowels of this casino in search of a Slut.

The EggSlut was originally started in Los Angelas, where it currently has three locations and recently expanded to Las Vegas.  They celebrate the egg by making wonderful egg sandwiches, but I was not after a sandwich.  I was in Vegas and I was looking for the Slut.


“The Slut – a coddled egg on top of smooth potato purée, cooked in a glass jar topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette”

I can not describe to you the joy of this dish, the warm creamy potato, the saltiness, the comfort of toast dipped in the coddled egg.  With each bite, I felt my headache ease and food hangover reside.

If only I could make something similar at home.  Stay tuned……




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